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  • Oddball

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  • Diamond Sky

  • Atomic Watermelon

  • Solaris

    Prepare to be dazzled as Solaris lights up the sky with its solar-inspired effects. Solaris is a 13 shot “X” shaped cake that creates a breathtaking display of vibrant colors, and out-of-this-world effects like plum, comet tail, wave, dahlia, brocade crown, palm and colored stars. There are so many colors in here as well, from red, gold, white, silver, lemon and orange.

  • Embers

    This “X” shaped cake will wow the neighbors! There are dahlias with color and dahlias with chrysanthemums and crackling to set your celebration ablaze. You will find gorgeous hues of orange, purple, sky blue, red, gold, green and lemon to add a touch of elegance.

  • Cosmic Radiance

    Witness a cosmic spectacle like never before. As the night sky transforms into a mesmerizing canvas, Cosmic Radiance unleashes a shower of strobing stars, brocade crown bursts, and crackling. Each explosion illuminates the darkness with a breathtaking display of vivid whites, reds, purples, blues and gold in an awe-inspiring “X” pattern, creating a truly out-of-this-world experience.

  • Sparkle & Boing!

    Brace yourself as Sparkle & Boing! release a cascade of vibrant colors of gold, red, blue, orange, green, lemon and purple, crackling sounds, and mesmerizing willows. This 13 shot “X” shaped pattern will leave everyone talking long after the Sparkle (and Boing!) fade away.

  • Sky Pilot

    Ground Control this is Sky Pilot, your Captain! This cake will keep the whole backyard and neighborhood entertained with 21 shots of Brocade crown, strobing, chrysanthemums, whistling tails in radiant colors of red, white, purple, gold and blue.

  • Stellarix

    Stellarix is like getting lost in an alternate universe with the big bursts of dahlia, strobe, willow and chrysanthemums in blues, reds, silvers, white and mixed colors! Don’t miss out on adding this unique 16 shot cake to your line up.

  • Snow Strike

    Snow Strike is the ice age ender that has 16 gorgeous shots with brocade crown and spider bursts with lots of color in golds, reds, whites, greens and purples and a built in finale. You won’t want to take your eyes off these 16 shots of wonder!

  • Shimmering Mirage

    This cake is a shimmering and strobing mirage from start to finish! Subtle accents of red, green, white and silver with golden willows and timed rain, this 12 shot cake will make people stop and notice!

  • Ice Claw

    Enjoy this beautiful 12 shot cake with massive bursting spiders in red, green and purple.

  • Shadow Guardian

    Experience a sensory extravaganza with Shadow Guardian! Sparkling plum, strobe, crackling, and willows with vibrant hues of red, green, purple, silver and gold will turn your event into an unforgettable spectacle.

  • Razorwing

    Soar with Razorwing! This 16 shot cake with rainbow dahlias, red and green tails and bursts of orange, purple, blue to strobe, time rain and colors will entertain the masses and leave you wanting more.

  • Light Speed

  • Nebula

  • Deep Freeze

  • Trident