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  • Red, White & You!

    Ignite the night with this 24 shot fanned cake of strobe willows and crackling palms in red, white and blue to showcase the true colors of your patriotic spirit!

  • Vortex

    Vortex is the perfect fanned cake to add that extra touch of magic and excitement. Light up the sky with 24 shots colored time rain mine to a variety of colored crackling.

  • Luna Light

    Celebrate in style with Luna Light! It’s a showpiece of 24 fanned shots to ignites the senses, delivering bursts of brocade crown, jellyfish, strobing mines, gold palms and time rain with colors of red, gold, blue, green purple and white in a visually stunning presentation that will leave your guests in awe.

  • Take Down

    24 fast paced fanned shots of strobe mines with willows, palms and silver spinning. This is the full Take Down in your own back yard that will leave the neighbors talking.

  • Dragon Blaze

    Dragon Blaze has 24 angled shots of Gold to brocade with color combinations of blue and purple, orange, sky blue and crackling. It’s all its cracked up to be!

  • Liberty Lux

    Oh sweet liberty! 24 gorgeous angled shots of gold palm brocade, blue, crackling and red and green strobing!

  • Mix Master

    Mix it up with this fanned, 42 shot cake. There are lots of colors and effects to entertain everyone. The neighbors won’t run out of things to talk about if you add this cake to your show with dahlias, chrysanthemums, strobe mines, tails, palms and strobes in all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Helioflare

    So much variety is in this 30 shot cake, it is sure to turn heads and have the neighbors talking with the beautiful chrysanthemum mines, whistle tails, brocade crown, palms and spider willows in reds, blues and golds!

  • USA Elite

    Don’t miss this show-stopping fanned cake USA Elite! Prepare for a breathtaking fusion of colors, effects, and bursts that will create a mesmerizing atmosphere. This cake has strobe mines, crackling tails, crackling willow and stars in colors of red, gold green, white and blue! The perfect balance of colors and effects.

  • Finishing Touch

    This amazing 24 shot cake of strobing tails, willows and time rain brilliance will let everyone know where the fireworks are. This cake is so bright with the white, red, green, gold and blue.

  • Sky Pilot

    Ground Control this is Sky Pilot, your Captain! This cake will keep the whole backyard and neighborhood entertained with 21 shots of Brocade crown, strobing, chrysanthemums, whistling tails in radiant colors of red, white, purple, gold and blue.

  • Flamewing

    Did someone say Gold Willow Bursts? This 25 shot cake bursts like Flamewings of gold willow and accents of color. The whole family is going to love the colors, willows and time rain, in this one!

  • Brain Washed

    21 awesome shots of a unique Gold Palm & Brocade Crown with color. Don’t leave this cake behind on your next order!

  • Fuel

    This 35 shot fanned cake needs no extra fuel! It’s fast and exciting with its light up the night style of white double cracking mines and bursts.

  • Pulse

    You can’t beat the pace and built in finale of this 36 shot cake! It has everything from a rainbow of color, to gold silk and silver willow.

  • Stellarix

    Stellarix is like getting lost in an alternate universe with the big bursts of dahlia, strobe, willow and chrysanthemums in blues, reds, silvers, white and mixed colors! Don’t miss out on adding this unique 16 shot cake to your line up.

  • Snow Strike

    Snow Strike is the ice age ender that has 16 gorgeous shots with brocade crown and spider bursts with lots of color in golds, reds, whites, greens and purples and a built in finale. You won’t want to take your eyes off these 16 shots of wonder!

  • Shimmering Mirage

    This cake is a shimmering and strobing mirage from start to finish! Subtle accents of red, green, white and silver with golden willows and timed rain, this 12 shot cake will make people stop and notice!