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  • Ice Claw

    Enjoy this beautiful 12 shot cake with massive bursting spiders in red, green and purple.

  • Saberstrike

    This 30 shot cake spectacular is sure to impress even the toughest of crowds with beautiful bursts, brocade crown, strobe, and time rain willow . The awesome color combinations are on point with purple/green, gold/red, orange/green, gold/green and purple with time rain willow.

  • Thunderfoot

    Don’t let this adorable label fool you, this 500 gram, 30 shot cake is loaded with large bursts of color with silver plum, red strobe or time rain willow. You will love the bursts of red, blue, purple & orange and all this cake has to offer!

  • Operation Noble Eagle (ONE)

    ONE has 20 awesome shots of red, green, purple or orange spider bursts followed by the last 5 purple bursts and time rain willow. Fireworks in your backyard have never been more professional than with this fanned cake.

  • Shadow Fang

    This fanned cake is gorgeous and will leave your crowd wanting more! Shadow Fang has perfect rich colors of green, blue, red, purple, gold and silver, with bursts, plum and time rain willow. This cake has it all, and with exceptional timing to enjoy every burst.

  • Mystic Aura

    A beautiful aura of colors and effects with this 24 shot cake! You will not be disappointed with the dahlias, willows and spider bursts, entertaining the crowd for your next backyard spectacular.

  • Joltix

    Experience the jolt of fireworks in every burst. This fun and entertaining 24 shot cake is loaded with red, white, purple, green, and blue dahlias with strobing in white, green and gold. It finishes with red spiders to entertain every age range in your crowd.

  • Shadow Guardian

    Experience a sensory extravaganza with Shadow Guardian! Sparkling plum, strobe, crackling, and willows with vibrant hues of red, green, purple, silver and gold will turn your event into an unforgettable spectacle.

  • Razorwing

    Soar with Razorwing! This 16 shot cake with rainbow dahlias, red and green tails and bursts of orange, purple, blue to strobe, time rain and colors will entertain the masses and leave you wanting more.

  • Dragon Spark

    Make a statement with Dragon Spark! A sensory delight that combines 50 fanned shots of green, silver and red strobing mines to silver time rain. The thrill of timed rain with the indulgence of color, it’s the perfect centerpiece for your special event.

  • Quantum Leap

    Expect a dazzling celebration with this 24 shot angled cake. Quantum Leap will showcase colored tails, bursts, strobe and time rain with colors of red, green, purple and silver.

  • Crazy Canuck

    Enjoy this fanned cake with 25 shots of red, green and blue and beautiful unique bursts with plum, colored tails and strobing.

  • Dark Hail

    Set the night ablaze with Dark Hail! This cake has an explosive symphony of reds, silvers, greens and blues and tails bursting, strobe, and crackling effects that will leave everyone craving more.

  • Night Falcon

    Elevate your celebration to new heights with this 25 shot cake called Night Falcon. It is loaded with all the favorite effects; like tails, bursts, strobe and chrysanthemums in all the best colors including red, silver, green, blue and purple that will leave you breathless.

  • Echostorm

    Dazzle at your event with Echostorm. This cake has 25 gorgeous bursts of chrysanthemums and reds to stop your party guests in their tracks.

  • Mischief

    Don’t leave Mischief behind! This 95 shot fanned cake is loaded with lots of blues and reds with mines, strobing and willows. It will please everyone in your crowd and keep them out of mischief.

  • Silver Sword

    Add some sparkle, shimmer and crackle to your celebration with Silver Sword. It has 95 fanned shots of all things silver that will be sure to leave your guests speechless.

  • Stellar Dust

    Don’t settle for dull! Stellar Dust is a 95 shot colorful cake, puts on an amazing display of spider bursts to entertain your viewers.