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  • Cosmic Cobalt

  • Scratch ‘N Dent

  • Brickyard Blowout

  • Hyper Drive

    Prepare for hyper drive with this amazing 21 shot cake. It has the nicest color combinations of silvers, reds, blues, purples and greens with bursts of chrysanthemums, rings, strobing, time rain, stars, wave and palms. There isn’t much this cake doesn’t do.

  • Agile

    Prepare to be amazed by Agile, a dazzling firework cake boasting 13 angled shots of tails, palms, strobe, brocade crown, and chrysanthemums. Its vibrant display includes striking hues of red, yellow, purple, white, gold, and silver, ensuring a little bit of everything in this extraordinary cake.

  • Flamewing

    Did someone say Gold Willow Bursts? This 25 shot cake bursts like Flamewings of gold willow and accents of color. The whole family is going to love the colors, willows and time rain, in this one!

  • Fuel

    This 35 shot fanned cake needs no extra fuel! It’s fast and exciting with its light up the night style of white double cracking mines and bursts.

  • Pulse

    You can’t beat the pace and built in finale of this 36 shot cake! It has everything from a rainbow of color, to gold silk and silver willow.

  • Quantum Leap

    Expect a dazzling celebration with this 24 shot angled cake. Quantum Leap will showcase colored tails, bursts, strobe and time rain with colors of red, green, purple and silver.

  • Crazy Canuck

    Enjoy this fanned cake with 25 shots of red, green and blue and beautiful unique bursts with plum, colored tails and strobing.

  • Dark Hail

    Set the night ablaze with Dark Hail! This cake has an explosive symphony of reds, silvers, greens and blues and tails bursting, strobe, and crackling effects that will leave everyone craving more.

  • Night Falcon

    Elevate your celebration to new heights with this 25 shot cake called Night Falcon. It is loaded with all the favorite effects; like tails, bursts, strobe and chrysanthemums in all the best colors including red, silver, green, blue and purple that will leave you breathless.